Shipping - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Where is your store located?

A: Our mailing and actual store address is 1135 HWY ONE Lewes, DE 19958 Click here for directions!

2. Q: What is your delivery range?

A: 300 miles from our store location. Please read delivery information also.

3. Q: How far do you UPS items?

A: We will UPS items within the continental U.S. Special shipping arrangements can be arranged for extenuating circumstances. Please call for information on shipping costs as they are unique for every address and item.

4. Q: How do I know if an item is UPS shippable or available only in the delivery range?

A: Every item on our site is indicated within the description whether it is “available in our delivery range or if it is “UPS shippable.” If you are unsure or if an item is not indicated please call or email any questions.

5. Q: Are items available unassembled and assembled?

A: Within the description of every item on our site we have indicated whether it is priced unassembled or assembled. Some items that are priced unassembled are available assembled for an additional charge and can be delivered to your residence or business.

6. Q: How do I figure out the shipping cost?

A: You will need to email or call us in order to find out the UPS shipping cost. UPS shipping is different for each address and each item. Once you have been given a shipping quote you can go ahead and email, call, or fax over your order. You can also place you order without knowing the shipping costs and we will charge the shipping to your card when your item ships.

7. Q: How long does an item take to ship?

A: We do not have everything that is shown on our website in stock. Our inventory is constantly changing. Items that are not in stock take 4-6 weeks for us to receive. We order the furniture that we sell unfinished and the finishing is done in house. The lead time on orders varies according to how it is ordered:

A. In stock and unfinished: Orders processed in 3 days and shipped UPS ground or scheduled for delivery
B.*In stock and custom finished: Orders processed within 4-6 weeks and shipped UPS ground or scheduled for delivery.
C. **Out of stock and unfinished: Orders processed within 4-6 weeks and shipped UPS ground or scheduled for delivery.
D. **Out of stock and custom finished: Order processed within 8-10 weeks and shipped UPS ground or scheduled for delivery.
E. Hand painted orders: All hand painted orders are done on a custom basis and you will need to speak to the artist about how long your specific piece will take.

*Lead times for custom finished items will vary due to the time of year and the amount of orders that we have to process. Custom finished items are fulfilled by an order date sequence.

**Lead times for out of stock items will vary do to the time of year and to the manufacture's ability to fill orders.

8. Q: Can an item be finished and shipped unassembled?

A: Yes, we will finish unassembled items and package them for UPS shipment. Additional UPS handling charges will be added to your invoice for packing materials. This will help protect the finished surfaces from being marked in shipment.

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