Purchasing - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How do I place an order?

A: Please click on the order form link and read all of the important information that you will need to know before ordering. Our website is not set up with a shopping cart feature. You will need to fill out the order form and wither fax, email, or mail it to our store.

Our fax number is 1-302-360-3167

Our phone number is 1-888-808-6104

Our mailing address is 1135 hwy one Lewes, DE 19958

Our email address is ml.furnituregal@gmail.com

*All of this information is also located on the order form page.

NOTE: If you feel unsecured about filling out the order form and emailing your order to us you may call our store and place your order over the phone. We would place your order with any major credit card.

2. Q: Do I need to pay for my purchase in full when I place my order or can my credit card be billed later?

A: We require a 60% deposit upon placing your order for items that we fulfill "in house". We will charge your credit card for the required amount the day that you place your order and the balance will be due when your item ships or is delivered to you. If you are having an item UPS shipped to you your credit card will automatically be billed the balance do and any UPS shipping and handling fees that apply. You do not need to know the shipping total to place an order, but please be sure to ask our staff if the item you are interested in is available to be shipped via UPS. If you are having an item delivered to you by our delivery services then you can make arrangements for the balance to be paid beforehand or when the driver arrives. This way you have the opportunity to pay your balance and delivery fee with another form of payment. Of course, you may always pay "in full" at the time of purchase if you are purchasing a gift for someone or any other reason.

3. Q: Do you offer any business discounts?

A: Business discounts are available. Please call or email our staff for our policy.

4. Q: What if I am trying to match a stain color to my existing furniture?

A: Once you have chosen an item please refer to the stain samples sections on our site. If you find that there are several colors that may match your existing furniture we will gladly mail out 6 color choices free of charge once you have placed your order. You may then take time to look at the stain blocks on the actual wood species of the piece of furniture that you wish to purchase. If you find a color you like simply return the samples to us with the enclosed postage paid envelope and indicate which color you want. If you do not find a color that you like please send the samples back and indicate which colors you like best and we will send you new color blocks within the same color family. Either way, we will do our best to offer enough choices for you to create the customized finish you desire. NOTE: It is more helpful to us if you have a color block that you could send when trying to match a piece of existing furniture.

5. Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards for purchases. We will also accept personal or business checks through the regular mail if you would prefer to mail your order form to us. For purchases requiring our delivery service or if you would like to pick up at our showroom we will also accept a cash payment.

6. Q: Do I receive an order confirmation or receipt when I place my order?

A: Generally we will mail out a carbon copy of your purchase invoice through the regular mail. Your purchase invoice will include the items purchased, whether they are to be unfinished or finished, any special finishing information, the amount that was initially paid and your balance due. If you require an order confirmation immediately following your purchase we are able to fax a copy of the receipt to you or type up a confirmation via email.

Once receiving your receipt please look over it carefully for accuracy and call immediately if you find an error.

NOTE: When calling to inquire about the status of an order or to make any special arrangements please call or email and give us as much information about your order as possible. Generally we input orders using the name on the purchase order.

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