Finishing - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Where do I find the stain and paint choices?

A: Our stain choices are located here Keep in mind that stain colors will show up differently on other types of wood species. If you are unsure of how the stain sample will look on your piece of furniture we will happily mail you your stain choices for a $5.00 shipping fee.

2. Q: What do I do if the colors that are shown are not what I want?

A: If you are interested in a painted item, we will paint any piece with Sherwin Williams, Duron, Lowes, or Home Depot Latex paint colors. You could pick out one of their colors and let us know the item number and name. If you think that the stain colors we offer may not match an existing piece you have, we will gladly send you color swatches for $5.00 or you could send us a sample of the color you need. Please call or email if you have any questions concerning your color options.

3. Q: What is the difference between stained, painted, and specialty finishes?

A: Stained finishes consist of a wood tone or colored stain that is sprayed on and wiped off. The colored stains may also be sprayed on solid and not wiped off for the same price. Please specify if you want the finish solid or wiped off. It is then sealed with 3-4 coats of satin, semi-gloss, or gloss poly-acrylic clear coat. A stained finish will show the grain of the wood, all knots, and any other natural characteristics of the wood species. Keep in mind that even though the solid sprayed colored stain is not wiped off, it will not cover the wood grain like paint and may still be slightly transparent. All wood types have a unique grain and natural color that is specific to its species. This information is important if you are trying to match stain colors to different wood types. Each wood type will accept stain differently.

If you are unsure of the type of wood that is used in the piece you are interested in or if you are not familiar with the grain pattern and natural color please call or email our staff and we will gladly inform you.

Painted finishes consist of one acrylic paint color of your choice that is sprayed on over a properly primed and sealed surface. Paint colors choices can be taken from our website or we will use any Sherwin Williams, Duron, Lowes, or Home Depot Acrylic paints.

We use as many coats as necessary to cover the piece of furniture. This is usually 2 coats, but some brands of paint do not cover as well and require more coats. The unfinished wood is spot sealed first with an anti-bleeding knot sealer, then sanded and primed with a paint primer in order for the paint to adhere well. Finally it is sanded again and sprayed with your paint color choice. We do not use lacquered paint. We do not seal painted surfaces with clear coat because the clear coat can draw the wood grain through the paint causing bleeding of knots, tanning, and may crackle the paint. Sometimes, even with our best efforts to seal the wood grain, some grain will still bleed or tan due to the chemical reaction of the wood with the paint. This is uncontrollable and not considered to be a flaw or faulty finish by our company. If this is of great concern to you, you may want to either finish the piece yourself or choose a clear species of wood (if available) in order to minimize the appearance of wood grain.

Specialty finishes consist of two color choices or a distressed/worn finish. This includes a stain and a painted combination or two paint colors. For example, a stained table top with a painted skirt and legs on a dining room table. You could choose to have your piece custom finished in two-tone and distressed also. We offer many levels of distressing from the edges worn off to beaten up and chipped paint. We will also do more than 2 colors of paint for an additional charge per paint color. Also, distressed finishes will be clear coated and sealed because there is wood that is exposed. Any grain that may bleed through will add to the authenticity of the distressed look. We spray a satin sheen top coat over distressed finishes.

4. Q: Do you ship stain?

A: We will ship ½ pts, pints, quarts, and gallons of stain or clear coat though priority mail. The shipping cost consists of the postage required for your address. We will gladly give you a shipping cost quote if you call or email the amount of stain you need and your full address

We are unable to ship stain UPS. Please click here for for pricing information.

5. Q: What is the difference between EF and MC stains shown on the finishes section of the website?

A: The major difference between the two choices is that the EF stains are water based and the MC stains are an oil based product with polyurethane. When choosing stain choices for your furniture simply look at both products and choose the color that you like the best. If we are finishing the piece for you there is no difference between either brands as far as cost. If you are finishing the piece yourself you may be want to use one product over the other due to ease of use.

Oil based products produce a high odor and must be cleaned up with mineral spirits. However, some customers prefer to work with the MC products because of its gel consistency and because it contains polyurethane. The EF stains are Environmentally Friendly products that are soap and water clean up. Their drying time is less than oil based stains and they penetrate the wood more.

The EF stains shown on our site are water based wood stains. They are a “unique, new pigmented stain designed to work like oil based stains. Their safety makes them ideal for children's furniture or toys.” They are a low odor product and can be applied inside your home.

The EF milk paints on our site are acrylic water based product. It is fast drying, applied by spray or brush, and is an interior/ exterior product. The Milk paints are “classic acrylic paints suitable for furniture, crafts, cabinets, and outdoor furniture.” They contain a “high quality satin sheen finish.”

The EF country colors shown on our site are water based and are offered in popular Williamsburg colors. They are a wood stain that is offered in a variety of different colors. In comparison to regular acrylic paint, colored wood stains will give you flexibility with color and a more durable finish. EF country colors soak into the wood like a wood tone stain and are sealed with our clear coat.

The EF kids colors shown on our site are the same as the country colors except they are offered in more vibrant kid approved color choices.

**Quoted phrases are taken from General Finishes manufacturing. The manufacturer of EF stains and paints.

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